Re-Credentialing for Current Adult Volunteers/Employees

You can complete your background re-check, complete Safe Environment re-training, as well as read and sign a Code of Conduct online.

Technical Requirements:

  • Use Chrome web browser from a computer. Do not use a cell phone or tablet.
  • If you changed devices, log out completely and restart the first device. Do not log in on multiple devices.
  • Allow pop-ups.
  • Enable Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript.
  • Do not close tabs until instructed.
  • Do not use the “page back” or “page forward” buttons on the web browser.
  • Only use the buttons on the screens, such as “Continue”, “Next”, Previous”.
  • Fast-Forwarding the training module will cause the module to lock up and force you to start over.


  • Go to the VIRTUS website and log in:
  • View the square titles on the Home screen and complete all assigned task.
  • One or more of the following may be assigned:

*Required Document: Code of Conduct (Approximately 5 minutes)

*Background Check (Approximately 10 minutes)

  • The application will open in the McDowell Agency website.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) is required.
  • Click Submit at the end of each step to proceed.
  • A note will appear on the final screen to confirm the application has been successfully submitted.
  • Click Return to VIRTUS to check for additional assignments.

*Safe Environment Training (Approximately 30-35 minutes).

  • To retrieve or reset your login information, click I NEED LOGIN HELP on the VIRTUS home page.
  • If you are unable to access an existing VIRTUS account, contact your Safe Environment Coordinator,
  • DO NOT create an additional/new account.

Confirm that you have completed all requirements with your Safe Environment Coordinator,

You are not allowed to start volunteering until you get clearance from the staff member of the ministry you are volunteering for.

To learn more about the Archdiocese Protection of Children and Youth Initiative, visit