Accepting Thanksgiving Baskets NOW

Sep 8, 2021

Justice & Charity

Thanksgiving Baskets

The community of St. John Neumann, in collaboration with Faith Formation Students and their families, donate non-perishable food items, special treats, and a cardboard basket from CUB to ensemble beautiful Thanksgiving baskets which are donated to The Open Door food pantry. In addition, St. John Neumann provides a $25 grocery card collected through the Giving Tree for the baskets to purchase perishables. The Open Door distributes the baskets through a lottery system to their clients. This program runs from October to mid-November.

Final Deadline 11/17/21

For questions, contact Mirla at


1) Decorate if you choose: Get together with your friends or neighbors to share the expenses and put together the basket. Decorate box with anything that would make it look colorful and festive. Ideas: construction paper, fall leaves, stickers, writing with markers on the box “Happy Thanksgiving”, “God Bless”, etc. Be creative and have fun! This is a fun project for your kids and the family.

2) Thanksgiving card: Make a thanksgiving card. Nothing fancy just have fun! This is a fun project for your kids! Decorate your box if you wish. The sky is the limit!

3) Ingredients:

□ 2 - 64oz bottle apple or cranberry juice

□ 1 disposable roasting pan

□ 2 cans of corn

□ 1 box pie crust mix

□ 2 cans of green beans

□ 1 can evaporated milk

□ 1 can of cranberry sauce

□ 1 can medium size pumpkin pie filling

□ 1 large can of syrup-packed sweet potatoes

□ 2 medium or 1 large box of instant potatoes

□ 2 boxes of a one-step turkey stuffing mix

□ 2 jars ready-made turkey gravy

□ 2 cans of fruit salad cocktail

□ 1 CUB Foods Cardboard Box

□ 2 boxes 16 fl oz. turkey or chicken broth

□ Anything else you would like to add such as: chocolates, napkins, paper plates, kitchen towels, confetti, etc.