Women's Emmaus

The Women’s Emmaus Ministry is a community of women ministering to women through the gifts of our Catholic faith. We come together as beloved children of God to deepen our relationship with the Lord and to continue our spiritual growth. For more Women’s Emmaus Ministry information please contact: Pat Howard, Director of Faith Formation, at pat.howard@sjn.org.

What is the Women's Emmaus Retreat?

It is a retreat experience for women who wish to enjoy a weekend devoted to deepening their relationship with God. It is a retreat experience for women who wish to reconnect and renew their relationship with the Lord. It is a retreat experience that will be a time of spiritual growth and strengthened faith. The retreat is based on the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35.

What happens on the Emmaus Retreat Weekend?

On this retreat you’ll be free from the distractions of your daily routine and you will be able to open your heart and listen to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is the deep satisfaction, inner peace and joy you will find. The time is spent hearing The Word, listening to the witness of other women and being inspired by the Holy Spirit and the plan He has for your life.

What are the greatest benefits for making an Emmaus Retreat?

That you are answering the nudge that Jesus has placed on your heart to spend a weekend with Him. You will discover the joy Jesus wants to share with you while you retreat. You will renew your relationship with Him while deepening your faith.

What are the Emmaus Coffees?

The Emmaus Coffees are monthly gathering of women who have made an Emmaus Retreat to continue their spiritual growth. Speakers are invited who will challenge us, enrich us, strengthen us and bless us with their wisdom, insights and knowledge.

Emmaus Sisters volunteer to bring treats to share and there is time to socialize and meet/connect with new Sisters in Christ.

When do the Emmaus Coffees happen?

The coffees are held monthly from September to May at St. John Neumann Church. The schedule of coffee dates and times are emailed out to all Emmaus Sisters in August for the upcoming year