Men's Emmaus

The Men’s Emmaus Ministry is a community of men ministering to men through the gifts of our Catholic faith. We come together as members of the Body of Christ to deepen our relationship with the Lord and to continue our spiritual growth. For more Men’s Emmaus Ministry information please contact: Pat Howard, Director of Faith Formation, at

What is the Men's Emmaus Ministry?

The Men's Emmaus ministry usually hosts an Emmaus retreat for new members annually and usually hosts a (Living Emmaus) retreat for existing members on an 18 month cycle. A prayer and scripture centered meeting is held monthly. Prayer requests, news, and opportunities are communicated via email.

Since 1996 the Men's Emmaus Group has had more than 400 men participate in the Men's Emmaus Retreat. Today, more than 300 men remain active in the group's email communication and roster. More than 100 members of the group have volunteered to participate on retreat teams. The group discerns and rotates its leadership and facilitators.

Opportunities arise to serve. Examples are: overnight hosting of the homeless at the Higher Ground, Saint Paul, painting Joseph's Coat, help setting up for the Fair Trade Sale, remodeling the Lighthouse, reassembling pews in the church after the last re-carpet, improving Rectory garage.

Opportunities are provided to stay connected with Emmaus brothers. Examples are: breakfast after Thursday morning Mass, fellowship before monthly meetings, group Picnics, Living Emmaus retreats.

Men's Emmaus Monthly Meetings

Men's monthly meetings are a gathering of men who to continue their spiritual growth.

The meeting is facilitated by two men who have made an Emmaus Retreat. The first half hour is devoted to fellowship. For the next half hour, attendees are invited so share their intentions for prayer. Then, Sunday's gospel is read and anyone can share their reflections.

Occasionally, speakers are invited who will challenge us, enrich us, strengthen us and bless us with their wisdom, insights and knowledge. Examples of past topics and speakers are:

  • Married Man Seeks Balance in Christian Life – by Fr. John Estrem (head of Catholic Charities)
  • Healing of Memories - Fr. Michael Lapsley (South African Episcopal priest)
  • Eagan Resource Center – Lisa Horn
  • Catholic Topics – retired Archbishop Harry Flynn
  • Male Sprituality for Today's Man – Fr. Bob Nygaard

Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at 8:30 am in the Adult Education Room. Reminders are emailed out to all Emmaus brothers a week or so prior to meetings.

What is an Emmaus Retreat?

Two friends who knew Jesus, who walked with Him, talked with Him, and ate meals with Him for three years did not recognize Him on a long walk down a dusty road to Emmaus. Based upon this story in Luke's gospel (Luke 24:13-35), the retreat helps you to recognize Jesus in your daily life.

What happens on the Emmaus Retreat Weekend?

As men of Emmaus, we invite you to join us on this walk. Together, we will encounter Jesus and open our eyes to His presence, in ourselves and those around us. You can expect: Fellowship, Laughter, Meaningful conversation, Honesty, Friendship, Healing, and Spiritual growth.

What are the greatest benefits for making an Emmaus Retreat?

Comments from past participants give some insight into impact that the retreat had on them:
"The retreat would be one of the three most important events in my life."
"I didn't know anyone before going. Upon my return I gained friends that I never knew I had."
"I felt like the retreat team was on the journey with me. It was a wonderful experience."

We begin our retreat experience at Saint John Neumann Church Friday evening and then car pool to the retreat center where we will remain for the rest of the retreat. Members of the retreat team provide the transportation.

If you want to discuss any future retreat, please email your interest to: