Faith Formation

Mission Statement

Forming lifelong disciples who passionately participate in our Catholic-Christian life.

2021-2022 Preparedness Plan

We look forward to serving you with this Plan as our guide.

We encourage all families to read this as we grow together in discipleship.

Our Ministries

  • Christ Centered
    • We desire the fullness of our Catholic Christian life in ourselves and those we serve and commit to serve with integrity.
  • Humble Yet Confident
    • We know God is the source of all we do, and we accomplish all by God’s grace; as branches on the Vine, we work hard and remain flexible.
  • Competent
    • We know Christ, know our tasks, know where to collaborate, and know where to seek assistance.
  • In Communion
    • As members of the Body of Christ we draw others to joyful participation in the Body; we strive for joyful unity with the Church, our parish, these ministries, and one another as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation year has begun. We look forward to sharing the joy of knowing and living the love of Jesus Christ with you. Below you will find information, helpful links, and downloads for all of our Faith Formation programs.

*All grades began the year in a large-group format, not in individual classrooms; logistics for various age/grade levels have been communicated to registered families in September. Moving to small-groups will depend on the global and regional health situation, which we monitor continuously. Families with high-risk individuals or discomfort with gathered settings may choose the at-home only option; all materials echo the at-church program, forming one ministry.

Program Information

Sunday School: Pre-school (3 years old by September 1) through Kindergarten

Stay on Track, Follow Jesus!

Family Formation: Grades K - 5

Discover! Finding Faith in Life

Middle School Faith Formation: Grades 6 & 7

Catholicism 101: No book, online

Middle School Faith Formation: Grade 8
High School Faith Formation: Grade 9
High School Faith Formation: Grade 10

Wild Goose: Book and online

High School Faith Formation: Grades 11 & 12

YDisciple: and TruthBeTold (book)

RCIA: Sacramental and Adult Formation Opportunities

Discover Catholicism! (For Adults)

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

  • Interested in learning more about the Catholic faith or becoming Catholic?
  • Are you a baptized Christian who has never received the sacraments of Holy Communion or Confirmation?

Then Join Us!
Together we will explore the person of Jesus Christ - His claims, His promises, and His Church - and together we will journey in our pilgrimage of truth.

For more information contact Fr. Joe Connelly: Call: 651-209-8581 or Email:

Adult Formation

Bible Study

Register: Here