Thank you so much for the very warm welcome that you all gave me last weekend. Your kindness to me was very much appreciated. As I mentioned in my introduction, I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is in the central part of the country although not too far from the beautiful "highlands." I am the youngest of five children and I have two brothers and two sisters. My parents Sean and Eilis still live in Glasgow and I am sure at some point you will get to meet them. They love to visit the States and I know they will enjoy meeting all of you.

When I was a teenager I came into contact with some young people my age who intrigued me because of the liveliness of their faith. Through getting to know them and joining a prayer group, my own faith came alive and I began a journey of faith which ultimately has led me here. Before joining the seminary, I was part of a lay, celibate brotherhood called the Servants of the Word for seventeen years. Ten of those years I spent in Belfast, Northern Ireland and seven years in Michigan, most of which was spent in Detroit. While I was in Northern Ireland I trained to be a teacher and taught high school Religious Ed classes for five years. While in Detroit I worked at Cornerstone Middle school for five years and for four of those years I was the Dean of Students. It was during my time in Detroit that I came to St. Paul to attend an ordination and during the ceremony I had a very strong experience of God speaking to me and telling me that He wanted me to be a priest. This began a period of serious discernment and in 2006 I came to St. Paul to join the seminary and to be a part of a fraternity of priests called the Companions of Christ.

I was ordained a priest Saturday, May 28. It was a wonderful occasion and my family was there to celebrate with me. God has been very good to me and I am delighted to be assigned to St. John Neumann parish. I look forward to getting to know you all and serving you as your associate. Thanks again for the wonderful welcome and

God bless.

Fr. Tony


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