St. John Neumann Faith Formation:

Forming lifelong disciples who fully participate in our Catholic Christian life.

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 Our ministries are:

  • in Christ,
  • in Confidence,
  • in Competence, and
  • in Communion:
  • In Christ, we act from, through, and to draw others to the fullness of our Catholic Christian life. In Christ, we cultivate a full and healthy spiritual life in ourselves and others.
  • In Confidence, we easily articulate faith and ministry components. In Confidence, we accomplish our responsibilities at a high level, regardless of human or situational changes.
  • In Competence, staff and volunteers are appropriately fluent in faith and ministry. In Competence, we collaborate in excellence as staff, volunteers, and all who are connected with our ministries.
  • In Communion, we act from, in, and to draw others to the diverse Body that is the Church. In Communion, we joyfully and actively connect with each other and our community.


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"Lord, teach me how to live."
Saint John Neumann